Synthetic Teak Boat Decking

Properties like rot resistance and good traction has made teak one of the most popular traditional materials for boat decking. But anyone that’s owned a teak deck knows that it demands regular and seasonal maintenance. Many have asked themselves if there isn’t a better way. AmeriTeak Marine was founded by people just as passionate about boating as you are, who wanted to use modern material science to solve the age old problem of maintaining your exterior wood. With synthetic materials and precise manufacturing techniques, their artificial teak boat decking solves the problem permanently.

Dek-King synthetic teak boat decking from AmeriTeak MarineAmeriTeak Marine has the look and feel of the tropical hardwood, but in other ways it vastly excels the original. Synthetic teak doesn’t have to be scrubbed and oiled to maintain its beauty and functionality. Dek-King is virtually maintenance free. No sanding, varnishing, scrubbing, or oiling. It may sound unbelievable to experienced boat owners, but it really can be cleaned just by hosing it down.

The intense routine of sanding, oiling, and varnishing required to keep a teak surface looking its best is really beyond the time limits of most weekend sailors that also have to keep a day job. Older synthetic teak boat decking materials fail to match theutility of real wood, partly due to problems with temperature variance. In the past, synthetic alternatives would expand and contract with the temperature and lead to cracking and weathering. They also tended to break down over time from sun damage. Dek-King is resistant to both of these kinds of damage, even more so than natural wood.Synthetic Teak Boat Decking

Few things look better than teak exterior finishes on a boat or yacht. But to maintain that rich color requires a regimen that is beyond most boat owners. Many have learned to appreciate the look of silvered teak that has been aged and exposed to the elements. For this reason, synthetic Dek-King comes in different colors – including a silvery, weathered look.

You’ve probably heard what they say about boat ownership: the two best days of owning a boat are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. A big part of this sentiment is the amount of maintenance that boat ownership brings with it. Remove scrubbing and varnishing the deck from that equation, and think about how differently you may feel. If you still want to offload, or maybe buy a different boat that you’ve had your eye on, Dek-King synthetic teak boat decking actually adds to your resale value. It’s easy to install and will last for many years, so if you want to see a better return on your investment, learn more about synthetic teak boat decking options.