Iron Supplements

How Bariatric Patients Can Benefit From an Iron Supplement

How are iron supplements beneficial and when do you know if you are iron deficient?

Iron is an essential mineral that many people tend to neglect. Deficiencies in Iron are quite common and cause numerous side effects that you may not be aware of. Iron is the key nutrient that transfers oxygen throughout the body. Hemoglobin and your red blood cells are made up of iron. For your body to perform accurately taking an iron supplement daily can reduce the risks of some common diseases that could trigger from lack of iron. Some of those diseases are, anemia, can affect pregnancy, high cholesterol, and many more. Most women tend to suffer from iron deficiencies due to the amount of blood they lose during menstruation. How do you know if you are deficient in iron? Exhaustion is one of the main signs of iron deficiency because the oxygen is not properly running through the bloodstream and causing your body to feel fatigued. Some other symptoms could be heavy periods (in women), unusual paleness in the skin, short of breath, more headaches, anxiety and many more. Taking the right Iron supplements can boost your everyday health.

How are Bariatric Patients affected by the lack of iron?

Bariatric surgery is a procedure most patients go through when they are struggling to lose weight and have many medical complications due to their weight issues. Because exercise and a healthy diet doesn’t always work for everyone, a great option is the bariatric surgical procedure to help maintain and keep weight down. Although the procedure is very minimal and doesn’t require much downtime, it can take a toll on your iron intake. Iron deficiency is a common issue with most weight-loss surgeries. Food items that contain a good source of iron are not digested properly into the body, due to the effects of the procedure. Iron supplements for bariatric patients can help restore the nutrient back into the body.

Bariatric Iron Supplements

Where can I purchase Iron Supplements?

Pharmics offers a specific iron supplement for those who have undergone a bariatric procedure. The specialty products are filled with proper nutrients to help instill the quality of you iron supplement. Our bariatric iron supplements are formulated to be easy to digest, gentle and provide the most bio-available nutrient forms and meet adult nutritional needs. Pharmics is a company that strives on helping others live a healthy lifestyle and not to neglect the intake of iron. Our website offers a wide variety of specific iron supplements to choose from and will help you get on the road to a healthier body!