Radiation Therapy for Cancer Patients

Advanced Radiation Therapy in Utah Allows for Precise Cancer Treatment

Since every cancer case is unique and different, every course of treatment should also be unique and personalized. Many times oncologists will prescribe a standard regimen of chemotherapy or radiation therapy to help kill the cancer and prevent it from spreading throughout the body. The course of treatment that will work best for the patient will depend on the location, severity, and type of cancer that is being treated.

Brachytherapy is a relatively recent innovation in the field of radiation therapy that is able to deliver the radiation directly to the cancer source, or into the cavities where a lump has been removed previously. The advanced technology allows the radiation to be absorbed closest to the invasive cancer cells, effectively concentrating the treatment at the cancer site.

Gamma West Cancer Services has the state of the art equipment needed to perform this highly effective cancer treatment in Utah. During the brachytherapy process tiny, radioactive seeds are placed into the site of the lumpectomy using one of many devices. As the radioactivity of the seeds decays, the radiation is naturally delivered to the cancerous cells. These seeds can either be placed on a temporary basis or permanently depending on patient needs, and after the seeds have decayed completely, there is no harm done by leaving them in place.

Cancer Treatment in Utah

Brachytherapy from Gamma West Cancer Services can not only increase the radiation dosage received by the cancer cells, but it can also reduce the harmful effects of radiation that normal cells may experience with different treatment methods. When compared to traditional beam radiation treatments, brachytherapy has the benefit of delivering a higher level of radiation directly to the cancer cells and allows the continual delivery of radiation treatments over several days. Brachytherapy is also highly adjustable allowing physicians to ensure the correct dosage, whether it be high or low, is always delivered.

When performed in a permanent manner brachytherapy surgically seals the radioactive seeds in place so they can be left forever, even once they have finished decaying. Permanent brachytherapy is typically used in lower dose cases, and the seeds don’t cause any harmful effects to the patient or any others they come in contact with.

Temporary brachytherapy seeds are implanted at the source of the cancer using a tube or other device. The tube is left in place for use in retrieving the decayed seeds once the radiation treatment is complete. Temporary brachytherapy is appropriate for both high and low dosage radiation treatments.

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, brachytherapy may be optimal the solution for you. Contact Gamma West Cancer Services to discuss your options for cancer treatments in Salt Lake City. They are a leading provider of radiation therapy in Utah offering specialized brachytherapy and tomotherapy treatments. Visit us online today to learn more about our advanced cancer treatment centers and to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.