Water and Fire Damage Restoration

If your property has fallen victim to the devastating effects that can be caused by water damage or flooding, you know how much of a headache it can be to clean it up. If it is your home being affected it can put your family at serious health risks associated with the bacteria and algae that can grow in a lingering wet or dampened state. If your business has been affected it can cause you to shut down until the damage has been cleaned up. Calling the proper professional to clean-up and recover the damage before it is able to cause extensive damage.

Causes of Water Damage

There are several different potential causes for water damage in Salt Lake City. Commonly the damage can be caused by flooding, frequently in basements and underground properties. Other causes can include leaking roofs, plumbing backups, broken piping, or any other unexpected intrusion of an excessive amount of water. While finding the cause is helpful for preventing further damage from occurring, but this is only half the battle as temporary fixes will not resolve most water damage incidents. In these cases, it is best to call a disaster clean up expert to restore your property and help prevent further damage from occurring.

Other Damaging Scenarios

Another common disaster that can devastate a home or business is a fire. Fire and smoke damage can destroy structures and leave personal belongings lost in the ashes. Even if there was no one physically harmed, the mental anguish of seeing your property going up in flames can be difficult to overcome. Some common causes of fire damage include unsafe cooking practices, smoking, and electrical wiring issues. A Utah fire damage expert can evaluate the extent of the damage and work with your insurance company to quickly restore the property, and make sure you receive the full amount of coverage.

Who to Call?

When contacting a disaster recovery company, it is important to evaluate the company’s reputation, the speed of service, and the steps in the restoration process. Both fire and water damage can be devastating to the foundation of a building and should be handled with extreme care. Five Point Restoration has been helping Utah residents restore their residential and commercial properties from fire, water, wind and mold damage for many years. Their employees are highly knowledgeable and experienced in cleaning up fire and flooding damage in Salt Lake City. They offer around the clock service, day and night to make sure your disaster is cleaned up in the quickest possible manner.