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The Law Offices of Jordan F. Wilcox can Help Individuals Owing Money to the IRS

Do you or your business owe the Internal Revenue Service back taxes? If so, you are just one of millions of other people across the nation who has become indebted to the IRS in some way or another. Whether you simply didn’t file tax returns, have an impending audit on your financials, or the IRS has already flagged a back tax that must be paid, you are not alone.


Utah Tax Attorneys

No matter the current situation, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Jordan F. Wilcox can help you fight the IRS and resolve your tax debt
s quickly and efficiently. Jordan Wilcox has several years of experience representing everyday people and business owners just like you and helpi
ng them resolve their tax issues quickly and more affordable than you may expect.

One recent client hadn’t filed a single tax return in over 8 years before turning to Jordan and his team for help. The tax lawyers in Salt Lake City at The Law Offices of Jord
an Wilcox were able to not only get this person back into filing compliance but were also able to get a refund check issued for money that had been overpaid during that time.

Their Utah tax attorneys have also helped numerous individuals and business owners overcome their various tax issues, from negotiating an offer in compromise of the actual tax debt, to sorting out complicated payroll tax mistakes. Jordan Wilcox team is comprised of the most experienced tax lawyers and staff that have represented a wide variety of complex tax cases. They have a proven record of success helping their clients to not only resolve their tax situation, and get into filing compliance, but also allowing them to pay off their tax debts in a manner that enables them to keep their personal property and avoid tax liens.

Jordan Wilcox and his team understand that the United States Tax Codes are too complex for the average American to understand. In fact, they are often times too complicated for many other tax professionals to understand as well. It is this complexity that can lead to mistakes that can become expensive very quickly if they are not addressed appropriately. The IRS lawyers in Salt Lake City know your rights, and having them by your side when you discuss your case with the IRS is an invaluable resource. If you are faced with an impending audit, or already owe back taxes to the IRS contact The Law Offices of Jordan F. Wilcox today to learn how they can help resolve your tax situation. Call 801-657-5951 or visit us online to learn more.