Packman’s Coating offers Epoxy Coatings for Your Garage

What are the advantages of waterproofing your garage?

There are a lot of benefits to sealing or putting on an epoxy coating on a garage floor in Salt Lake City.  The appearance is one of the most common reasons people cover their concrete.  It looks better, covers stains, and is easier to clean than cement.  Another significant benefit of coating a garage floor is that it seals it from the water.  Water can cause a lot of issues with concrete.  It can stain it causing it to look dirty.  Water or moisture can also cause the cement to deteriorate.  Most garage floors are relatively flat which means water doesn’t drain very quickly.  When water is left sitting on the concrete, it can cause “peeling”, which is where the top layer begins to flake off.  The water can also get into cracks and seams causing, even more, damage.  As the water gets in it makes the gaps larger.  It can also freeze while under the floor.  When the water freezes it expands which will cause the floor to rise and then drop when the water melts creating more cracks or instability.

 Can you waterproof concrete surfaces besides garages?

Absolutely, and it’s a good idea to do it.  Just like with garage floors, all concrete surfaces are susceptible to water.  Any cement surface that is outdoors is even more vulnerable than indoor floors.  Outdoor areas will have the same issues mentioned above with water getting into the cement.  The damage can be even more severe outside.  Waterproofing concrete in Salt Lake City is important because the weather will cause water to freeze much quicker under spots such as walkways and driveways.  The freezing can cause significant cracking that may even require the cement to torn out and replaced.  It can also erode the soil underneath causing the cement to break away.

 How expensive is waterproofing a floor in Utah?

There are so many variables involved that coming up with an exact number isn’t possible.  It would be like someone asking how much a car costs.  There are so many models, year’s, sizes, and options that there is an enormous range of car prices.  The same goes with coatings for garage floors and other concrete surfaces.  Someone could get an inexpensive coating at a home improvement store for a few hundred dollars.  Usually, these coatings don’t last longer than a year or two, but they are cheap.  In contrast, someone could get quality epoxy that uses a lot of custom work with different colors would be more expensive than the cheap home improvement store option.