Disaster Recovery Services

Anyone who has experienced flooding or a fire knows the destructive impact they can have on a home or business.  Without the right equipment, disaster cleanup is nearly impossible to do completely.  As a result, several residents of the Salt Lake City area are turning to professional water and fire damage disaster recovery teams to get the job done right.

The Devastation of Water Damage

The effects of water damage can be equally devastating.  There are a lot of different causes of water damage. The lingering water can cause wood to warp and the drywall to weaken.  Also, if the water isn’t completely evaporated, it can spur mold or mildew growth which can become a health hazard to the residents of the building.  In addition, the kind of water in the flood can cause health concerns.  So-called grey water or black water can be full of toxins and bacteria.  No matter the extent of the water damage, the most efficient way to clean up is to call a Utah water damage disaster recovery team.

The Destruction of Fire Damage

Fire can also be a tremendous source of damage to a home or building.  The flames themselves can destroy walls, furniture, and ceilings, which can leave lots of rubble to clean up.  The smoke and soot can also leave unsightly black patches on affected areas.  One major aspect of fire damage that most people don’t consider is the smoke.  The smell of smoke can permeate into walls, furniture, and fabric.  This smoke smell can linger for months or even years.  For each of these, a water and fire damage disaster recovery team can help in cleaning up the damage.

Utah Disaster Pros Water and Fire Damage Disaster Recovery Team

Due to the destructive nature of both fire and water damage, it is difficult for individuals to combat the after effects on their own.  This is where Utah Disaster Pros water and fire damage disaster recovery team comes in.  Utah Disaster Pros water and fire damage disaster recovery team provides people in the Salt Lake City area with top of the line service when it comes to disaster cleanup.  For water damage in Salt Lake City their team uses advanced drying methods to prevent progressive damage or mold damage.  For fire damage, their water and fire damage disaster recovery team performs fire damage cleanup, smoke and soot damage cleaning and repair, cleaning for home/business contents and belongings, and smoke deodorization.