Daycare and Preschool

Preschool and Childcare in Bountiful, Utah

How to pick a good daycare

Few things make parents more careful than picking out someone to watch their children while they’re somewhere else. Most families are now dual-income to make ends meet, so it’s critical to find a trusted provider for child care in North Salt Lake. We use Ready Set Grow as an example because they are the best example of what to look for in a daycare and preschool.

One of the most important things is transparency. When you are online looking for your daycare, Ready Set Grow does a great job showing what your child’s experience will be like. Their Facebook page shows what kinds of activities the children enjoy throughout the day. You can also view their healthy snack menu and read about their qualified teachers on their website. Ready Set Grow does an excellent job answering your questions about how they will care for your child at their preschool.


Ready Set Grow


Does preschool affect later academic performance?

Some parents are considering preschool for its ability to help their children perform better in school later on. A love of learning should begin early in a child’s life, and preschool is a great way to help introduce them to that. Ready Set Grow’s fun and educational curriculum is a great way to give your children a head start.

During the school year, they focus on developing preschool skills. The goal is to make sure the child is not only having fun every day, but also learning skills that will help them for the rest of their school life. The curriculum has weekly themes that are age-appropriate and fun to help the children enjoy their time in preschool.

During the summer, daycare with school-aged children is also provided so the kids are broken up in two groups. School-aged kids have scheduled activities and field trips, including visits to the rec center, water parks, and other fun activities. Preschool-aged children will stay closer to the center, with activities like visiting presenters, water days in the yard, and walking field trips. The curriculum is designed to fill each day with fun themes, outdoor play, and water days to beat the heat.

Daycare with drop-off service

Another reason why we choose Ready Set Grow as our favorite daycare in North Salt Lake is their pick-up and drop-off service. For school-aged children with working parents, this is a great option to keep their kids safe in the time between getting out of school and their parents getting off work. Their qualified drivers can pick up and drop off from 7 local elementary schools in the Bountiful, Utah area. The daycare teachers are available to supervise and assist the children with their homework until their parents can finish work and pick them up.