Affordable Spin Bikes at Shape-Up Outlets

Spin Bikes: An Amazing Tool to Help You on Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Today, several individuals and families in the Bountiful, Utah area are recommitting themselves to a healthier lifestyle of regular exercise routines. A helpful way to achieve a daily exercise routine is with a home gym.  One of the most popular home gym machines today is the spin bike.  Not only are spin bikes space efficient, but, when correctly used, they also are a great tool to achieve fitness goals.  One benefit of using a spin bike is that it provides a cardio and calorie burning workout.  An hour spinning session, on average, burns 400-600 calories.  Spinning is also an excellent exercise choice if you are focusing on shaping up your calves, thighs, or glutes.  This hyper-focused workout method has been proven to tone up legs in just a few sessions.  Spin bikes have also become a popular exercise machine choice because they are low impact.  Individuals who want to reduce the impact on their joints often select spinning as their workout of choice.

Shape Up Outlets in Bountiful: Your Go-To Resource for Affordable Spin Bikes

For many, the mere concept of the price tag of home gym equipment can cause them to gulp.  At Shape Up Outlets in Bountiful, they strongly feel that exercise equipment shouldn’t be extremely expensive, and they are committed to offering spin bikes at affordable prices.  Shape Up Outlets can provide spin bikes in Bountiful at reasonable prices because they purchase factory liquidated equipment directly from them and then assemble the machines within their stores.  As a result, all of their equipment at their Bountiful store is approximately 70% off retail price.  Every machine Shape Up Outlets offers is covered by warranty.

Selecting an Exercise Bike from Shape Up Outlets

When selecting an exercise bike, there are a variety of options to choose from, especially when you go to Shape Up Outlets.  Customers can choose from several trusted, popular brands including Image, ProForm, Reebok, Epic, Weslo, HealthRider, Gold’s Gym, and Freemotion.  Within these brands, individuals can choose from different bike styles depending on their exercise goals and needs.  One of the most popular exercise bikes is the Le Tour de France.  This exercise bike changes the incline based on the terrain found on a screen, simulating a real bike race.  Other popular exercise bikes are spin bikes, recumbent bikes, and upright bikes.  No matter the kind of bike you need, Shape Up Outlets is your go-to resource for high-quality spin bikes in Utah.