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What does it mean to track your event logs in a Windows environment?  Without the right software, management and monitoring can be a daunting task.

How many servers must a technician inspect when monitoring Windows server event logs?  The biggest fear that datacenter technicians have with groups of servers is in the potential for a review to be skipped due to lack of automated software.  One of the keys to keeping your servers healthy is in regular overviews of log data to see events that may lead to future problems.  Whether you have an array of physical or virtual servers in your Windows hosting environment, keeping up on maintenance can get sketchy.  In this regard, monitoring your infrastructure becomes a crystal ball for management decisions.  The good news is that this can all be done with the right software.

How can you eliminate the clutter?

When you have management and monitoring tasks that overwhelm your staff members; you have a severe issue.  If your Windows technicians are too busy sifting through event logs to address problems, then either your infrastructure will have systemic issues, or you will have to hire more people.  Luckily there is a software package that eliminates this redundant labor and saves companies thousands of dollars a year in lost opportunity.  Since the software streamlines Windows event log data, the management process becomes less of a headache.  In this regard, you can have one technician that is doing the monitoring work of a dozen people.  This is why the software has been considered a critical component for many large enterprises.Windows server event monitoring

What should an administrator do?

The first option is to put together a map of your Windows servers and data network.  This helps you to calculate the average amount of labor being spent on management and monitoring tasks.  Once you have a good map of your servers, take a look at how often the event logs are getting reviewed.  Also consider that the software will eliminate missed opportunities to complete these tasks.  After all of these factors have been weighed, you can determine how much effort is going into the maintenance of your Windows solutions.  For these benefits, many companies have decided to switch to a more streamlined software solution that saves on both labor and missed opportunities.

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