Get the home you always wanted with a custom design

How do I start designing a custom home?

Everyone has seen the large community’s big home companies are developing.  They are becoming more and more common.  You know the ones that every home has the same color, style, and basic floor plans.  They are basic and easy for builders but lack a lot of personal styles and characteristics.  A lot of people have turned to finding lots that allow them to build a home in the style and colors of their choosing.  Designing and building their home can have a lot of benefits.  The look, style, and layout of the home can be exactly how they want it.  Having to pay for simple options and upgrades won’t happen.  When building a custom home in Utah, there are some important factors to consider.  The first is the lot that you have chosen.  The terrain in Utah creates lots of all different shapes and sizes.  You will want to adjust your home design to make it fit the land correctly.  The key will be to find a company that can do custom home plans in Utah’s unique terrain.

Where can I get custom plans for building a house?

Finding the right architectural firm for plans can be confusing.  There are so many choices, and each one will all tell you why they are the best option.  Architecture is like art in that each designer has a distinct style.  When you are searching for someone to do custom plans, look at a lot of samples of their designs and make sure they have a style that’s compatible with yours.  Make sure to see how the inside of the home works and flows as well.  Watch for little things like how much closet space they use.  Small things will make a home more enjoyable to live in longer.  High Desert Design in Salt Lake City has been creating great home designs for over a decade.  They can design a home to fit your needs and style while optimizing the characteristics of the land.

How much do custom-house plans cost?

The cost of custom Utah house plans depends on the architect you use.  It can range from a couple of thousand dollars and go well into five figures.  What makes it even tougher to compare prices is that there are a lot of different ways designers charge.  There are flat fees, based on the square footage of the home, a percentage of the budget, and a traditional hourly charge.  Before selecting a designer, make sure to find out how they charge and how much it is to make changes to a set of plans.