Fiber Optic Cabling

What is fiber optic cable and how does it work?

In the world of technology fiber optic cable is one of the key factors in applications such as the Internet, telephone systems, and cable television. It is a technology that the glass thread is used to transfer data, more quickly than other forms of cable. Fiber optic cabling in Salt Lake City contains optical fibers that are long, flexible, hair-width strands of ultra-pure glass. It is broken down into the following parts, the core that is the middle, the cladding is the outer optical material and buffer coating that is the plastic coating that protects the fiber from damage and moisture. The fiber optic cables come in two forms single-mode fibers or multi-mode fibers. The difference of the mode fibers is the size of diameter one is smaller, and one is larger. As the optical fiber is pulled it is constantly monitored by a laser micrometer. This will help ensure that the diameter is perfectly uniform from start to finish. Depending on what application is being used and how much data it will need to transmit. Fiber optic cable can be built around one fiber strand or multiple groups of strands. For the finished cable to transmit data signals, it should be connected to two other main components of a fiber-optic system. It will connect to an optical transmitter first, the releases the data into the fiber optic cable. Fiber optic cabling has advantages over standard cables because it can transfer larger quantities of data with less loss, can maintain signals over long distances, carries the minor risk of corrosion, and is usually free of interference.

fiber optic cabling salt lake city

Why Choose 3C Business Solutions?

3C Business Solutions has been established in Utah since 1992. They specialize in all types of data, voice, and video low-voltage installation of both copper and fiber optic media. The business has been providing clients with the highest standards of quality, service and has very competitive price rates. At 3C Business Solutions they have hired a team of highly trained technicians who have extensive knowledge when it comes to fiber optic installation in Utah. The full cable service offers wiring and installation as well as voice and data wiring installations for commercial properties. The company only uses the brand name and high-performance products. Fiber optic cabling isn’t foreign to 3C Business Solutions; you can trust that with their knowledge and expertise you can be reassured that you are receiving the best in the business. Visit our website or give us call to learn about your cabling system.