Agriculture Construction

What types of construction are needed in the agriculture industry?

Nearly every industry has been impacted by technology in some way or another.  Agricultural buildings are certainly no exception to this.  As technology has improved new ways to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity have been developed for many different types of agricultural buildings.  Barns are being built to work with the equipment and crops being put in them.  Some of the biggest improvements have happened in how harvested crops are stored.  Grain storage silos have come a long way from the simple concrete or steel cylinders.  Storage facilities are now designed to get maximum efficiency when each crop is being harvested.  The silos are also scientifically designed to keep crops at optimum temperatures and moisture control.  Even stables and other types of animal housing have seen improvements.  The risk of lost efficiency and spoiled crops makes updated buildings a must for farmers to compete in the current market.

How should grain and feed be properly stored?

Farmers storing grain and feed know that minor issues can result in major issues.  It only takes a little bit of moisture to ruin an entire crop.  Of course, everything is properly dried before being placed in storage, but improper storage can result in the formation of moisture inside the storage silo.  The moisture can be from a lot of different problems including incorrect temperature control.  It might be surprising to know that improper temperature control results in more lost dried grain than anything else.  When temperatures are allowed to vary, it allows the moisture to move or migrate around.  To combat this storage facilities are built to keep both temperatures and moisture under control.  Creating better air circulation and insulation are both key ways to help keep grain and feed safe during storage.

What types of storage can Western States Design Build construct?

If you’re in need of any agricultural building, chances are Western States Design Build has a solution.  They work closely with each client to come up with the right structure and design to meet their needs.  Western States Design Build will provide world-class agriculture construction services and can also produce high quality preliminary and final drawings.  Through their extensive experience, Western States Design Build understands requirements and challenges.  As a result, you will get the most innovative design and construction that will help any agricultural company.  They understand that their success depends on their clients success.