Business Services

The biggest players generate the most news, but the reality of the modern economy is that the majority of transactions still take place between small businesses. Some of the most exciting things taking place in the b2b world are way outside the scope of people only watching the Forbes 100.

The tech has evolved to allow a small business more resources to accomplish their goals than ever before. That includes everything from CRMs designed for a small organization to optimize customer interactions, to turnkey manufacturing solutions that can handle variable volume on short notice. Many of the pieces of supply chains that used to be the domain of large vertically-integrated corporations are now available to any business, no matter the size.

Why write about small business services?

Our goal with this category is to showcase the small businesses built to service other businesses. B2B sales and other transactions are more complicated than many people realize at first glance. For instance, many sales techniques traditionally employed for business-to-consumer sales will fall flat when used on their peers. Instead, most business service purchasers appreciate a more respectful and equal approach. Don’t be pushy; be informative. To sell your services to another business, you should prove your value and answer questions. Anticipate what they will want to know, like “what kind of training will we need?” or “will our ongoing support needs be met?”

One particular type of b2b marketing can be particularly tricky, which is this: what if your product is so innovative or unique that people don’t know they need it? To reach consumers, there are many proven channels you can use to get the message out about new products – news outlets, product reviews, tv and other traditional ads, and so on. But what if you developed a new way to analyze and report ERP data? What if you have a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that uses 3d printing to deliver a customized product to your client’s specifications? Many of these small business service innovators don’t know how to get the word out. That’s why it’s our goal to showcase the brilliant products that we come across.