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A business should try to connect with peopleWhy do we need to raise awareness about small businesses?

If you ask most Americans, you’ll find that they will tell you that small business is going the way of the mammoth and dinosaur.  There is a shrinking awareness for people in the United States with regard to how they can buy from their local merchants.  This premise is troubling to many economists who know that American entrepreneurship is based on competition.  Therefore, we elected to publish a website that would promote the downtrodden business owner.  We believe that even if your enterprise is small, your voice should still be larger than life.

What can the average citizen do to help?

Our business owners are keen to recognize your patronage.  By taking the initiative to raise awareness among your friends, we can lift these small companies out of the dark ages.  It is important for everyone to recognize that most jobs come from this sector, which is why you shouldn’t always buy from the big corporations.  In this regard, you are doing more than just supporting a local merchant.  You are laying the framework for the social and political landscape of our country.  Therefore, we encourage you to assist in spreading our message of awareness for small business owners and the dreams that they seek.  When you discuss these principles with friends and family, only one premise should be considered vital to the health of America.  We need to realize that every dollar we spend is an important and powerful vote for whoever will lead us into the future.